Specialty Services

Sound Therapies

Therapeutic Listening®

Therapeutic Listening® is an individualized, supportive program that impacts active listening skills. It combines the benefit of music with modulated sound technology to influence how a child perceives, processes, and responds to sounds. Trained therapists create programs for caregivers to implement within the home environment. Therapists are trained to monitor the child’s progress and adjust the listening program on a continual basis. Improvements may be seen in a variety of areas specific to each child and include regulation, arousal and alertness, organization, motor planning, attention, and receptive and expressive language.

Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT)

AIT is an intensive program consisting of two sessions per day over a ten day period. It uses filtered music delivered via headphones. Therapeutic benefits of AIT include decreasing sound hypersensitivity, and assisting in the development of self regulation, spatial orientation, and speech and language skills.

SAMONAS Program® and Integrated Listening

We also have therapists trained in the Integrated Listening (ILS) and SAMONAS programs, both of which incorporate bone conduction. Please contact us for further information.